Our Process.

Extensive 19-steps process to ensure consistently high-quality photos.

For each individual order made on PropertyRender.com, our teams and automated processes execute a very high-level attention to detail in every edit. Here is what our system is looking for on each individual order. 

Our 19-Step real estate photo-editing process:

  1. HDR Bracketing (if applicable)
  2. Window Replacement (if applicable)
  3. Replacement of Outdoor Sky
  4. Lens Distortion Correction
  5. Vertical Straightening
  6. Horizontal Straightening
  7. Image Sharpening
  8. Removal of Dust Spots
  9. Simple Digital Clean/Basic Declutter
  10. White Balance Adjustment
  11. Removal of Flash & Photographer Reflections
  12. TV Screen Replacement (with an image)
  13. Removal of Blemishes
  14. Adjust Brightness
  15. Contrast Adjustment
  16. Remove Vehicle Registration/Licence Plates (if necessary)
  17. Lawn/Grass Enhancement (if necessary)
  18. Removal of Pool Cleaners (from pool water)
  19. Light Fireplaces (if applicable)


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