DA Renders

When you’re designing a development project, the way you make it look to stakeholders and potential buyers is crucial. You want your design to be beautiful and functional, but also for it to look like it will fit in its surroundings. In the early stages of a projects, you will be required to seek development approval from your local council.

DA approval renders

DA Renders

If you’re planning a new property development project, then you’ll need to submit your plans to your local council. One of the first things they will expect in your DA is an artist’s impression of what it might look like if approved. This allows the governing body to see if there are any issues with placement, height, or materials before making an official decision on whether or not they approve it. It also helps them convince themselves that the proposed development would fit into its environment and be appropriate for the area (or at least not conflict too badly).

DA renders are a great tool for showing the local council and (other stakeholders) how great your project will look in the existing streetscape, and also assist in displaying the design features of the building.

Marketing renders

Marketing renders are different to DA renders as they are designed to sell the property and should have a photo-realistic quality that shows potential buyers the quality of the design, fixtures and fittings incorporated into the property.

Marketing renders may also include ‘artistic’ renders that show close-up features of the property. These types of renders are used in brochures, websites, and other marketing collateral used by the sales and marketing team, rather than as part of an application for planning permission.

streetscape commercial 3D renders

If you need your renders for council approval, make an effort to make them accurate. Councils will usually reject a DA if they believe it doesn’t meet the requirements set out by their planning scheme.

The team at PropertyRender.com can produce accurate and budget-friendly renders for both DA, and sales & marketing purposes. Fill out a fee proposal for a free quote on your next project.

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