Aerial Editing


“Aerial photography allows buyers to see a clearer picture of the property from a unique perspective.
It effectively highlights the size of the land, building footprint, surrounding lifestyle amenities and road network in a single image, which is a game-changer when it comes to selling a home, land or property development project. Our professional photo-editing will enhance your aerial/drone photos so they stand-out online against competitors.”

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Base Cost$ 2.8

“Our aerial image editing service is an extremely cost-effective way of processing your aerial image files before launching your marketing campaign, and helps you get the most value from the money invested into a drone or aerial photo-shoot. We also provide the option of adding boundary outlines and ‘pin-drop’ location markers to highlight surrounding lifestyle amenities such as schools, public transport and shopping centres. If your aerial images are of a development site, we can also generate a ‘development lot overlay’ so potential buyers can see the placement of lots and the general layout of your project.

• We go that ‘extra mile’ for our customers with our 12-Step aerial image editing process to ensure you get the best value for money possible.
• Our editors have 10+ years of professional photo-editing experience
• Our turn-around time of less than 12 hours mean you can quickly publish your campaign, normally on the same day as you submit your photos for editing.
• We are also up to 20% cheaper than other major photo-editors.
• Our platform integrates with all major platforms, making managing your campaigns simple for you and your team.

The 12-Step Aerial Image Editing Process

1. Replacement of outdoor sky
2. Lens Distortion Correction
3. Vertical Straightening
4. Horizontal Straightening
5. Image Sharpening
6. Removal of Dust Spots
7. White Balance Adjustment
8. Removal of Blemishes
9. Adjust Brightness
10. Contrast Adjustment
11. Remove vehicle registration/licence plates (if necessary)
12. Lawn/Grass Enhancement (if necessary)”


Pin-Drop: If you would like to add on the ‘pin-drop’ feature, please include a list of up to 6 nearby features that you would like to have a location marker added for within the image, and mark these in a screenshot of the image so our team can accurately place the pin on the location.

Boundary Outline: If you would like the boundary outline place around the property’s boundary please include a mark-up or site plan indicating the property boundary so that our team can accurately overlay an outline within the aerial image.

Development Lot Overlay: If you would like our team to place a ‘Development Lot Overlay’ on your aerial image, please include site plans or a mark-up indicating the position and size of each lot to be shown within the image.