Interactive Floor Plans


Our Interactive Floor Plans take your 2D or 3D Floor Plans to the next level by adding photographs of the room to the plan to create an interactive ‘virtual tour’ experience viewable on any computer or mobile device. Prospective buyers or renters can click on a ‘hot spot’ in each room or space within the Floor Plan to see a still image of the space.

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Interactive Floor Plans enable the viewer to experience the property’s building design, furniture layout, and ‘flow’ between rooms with the assistance of still images from various perspectives throughout the home or commercial space. They make a great addition to any residential or commercial property marketing campaign and are proven to improve leads and click-through rates on online property portals.

• Our Interactive Tours provide simple navigation between internal and external spaces.
• 2D Black & White line plan or Colour Rendered plans available.
• Multi-level Floor Plans can be used in the same Interactive Tour.
• Our editors have 10+ years of professional Floor Plan design experience
• A fast turn-around time of less than 24-48 hours mean you can quickly publish your campaign
• Combine with our image enhancement service to present your photographs in their best possible light. Our 19-Step process to ensure you get the best value for money possible.
• Our turn-around time for Interactive Tours is between 24-48 hours, which is twice as fast as our competitors.
• We are also up to 20% cheaper than other major photo and Floor Plan editors.
• Our platform integrates with all major platforms, making managing your campaigns simple for you and your team.


Input Details
Required: Blueprints, sketch or any output provided by Floor Planning apps (such as MagicPlan, Floor Planner, etc). The completed Floor Plan can include property address, room names, dimensions, total area, and a disclaimer. Please inform us upon ordering if you would not like any of these details included. Dimensions and total area will only be included if the files you provide clearly show the measurements of each room.

Up to 12 photographs of the rooms shown within the Floor Plan blueprints you have provided. Please name the image file in reference to the room on the Floor Plan blueprints. For example, titling the Bathroom image file ‘Bedroom 2’ will let us know the photograph is to be linked to ‘Bedroom 2’ on the Floor Plan.

Output Details
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