Item Removal


Small Item removal is the perfect solution for professionally presenting your property photos without unnecessary objects, clutter and rubbish ruining the photos. Just removing the simplest items from a room can make any space feel more attractive and welcoming.

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If you forgot to remove that toilet brush and shampoo bottles from the bathroom, or the fridge magnet and family portrait from the kitchen, our ‘small item’ removal service will take care of this for you and leave your images looking more presentable and professional. Or, if you want to remove the rubbish bins from a photo or even remove that ugly looking sofa to make way for some new virtual furniture, then our item removal service is the perfect solution. Our item removal service is also great for de-cluttering a room in a tenanted property, dirty dishes from a cluttered kitchen and removing debris from construction sites and half-completed homes.

• The item removal service includes our 19-Step real estate editing process in addition to item removal to ensure you get the best value for money possible.
• Our editors have 10+ years of professional photo-editing experience
• Our turn-around time of less than 12 hours mean you can quickly publish your campaign, normally on the same day as you submit your photos for editing.
• We are also up to 20% cheaper than other major photo-editors.
• Our platform integrates with all major platforms, making managing your campaigns simple for you and your team.

Our 19-Step real estate photo-editing process:

1. HDR Bracketing (if applicable)
2. Window Replacement (if applicable)
3. Replacement of Outdoor Sky
4. Lens Distortion Correction
5. Vertical Straightening
6. Horizontal Straightening
7. Image Sharpening
8. Removal of Dust Spots
9. Simple Digital Clean/Basic Declutter
10. White Balance Adjustment
11. Removal of Flash & Photographer Reflections
12. TV Screen Replacement (with an image)
13. Removal of Blemishes
14. Adjust Brightness
15. Contrast Adjustment
16. Remove Vehicle Registration/Licence Plates (if necessary)
17. Lawn/Grass Enhancement (if necessary)
18. Removal of Pool Cleaners (from pool water)
19. Light Fireplaces (if applicable)