Virtual Renovation

From $10 AUD’s Virtual Renovation service will help bring your project to life so that you can generate buyer or tenant interest prior to completion or visualise the complete renovation before investing time and effort into the project.

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If you are completing a renovation and need to advertise the property before it’s completed, then our virtual renovation service is the perfect solution. Show potential buyers and renters what the finished property will look like by the time they move in.

Our virtual Renovation service can also assist with planning your renovation project as it allows you to see what the finished project will look like before you invest your time and money.

The pricing for virtual renovations depends on the scope of work to be completed.

• Our editors have 10+ years of professional photo-editing experience
• All virtual renovations include our 19-Step image enhancement service to ensure your images are looking their best and you get the best value for money possible.
• We are also up to 20% cheaper than other major audio-visual editing companies.
• Our platform integrates with all major platforms, making managing your campaigns simple for you and your team.

Our 19-Step real estate photo-editing process:

1. HDR Bracketing (if applicable)
2. Window Replacement (if applicable)
3. Replacement of Outdoor Sky
4. Lens Distortion Correction
5. Vertical Straightening
6. Horizontal Straightening
7. Image Sharpening
8. Removal of Dust Spots
9. Simple Digital Clean/Basic Declutter
10. White Balance Adjustment
11. Removal of Flash & Photographer Reflections
12. TV Screen Replacement (with an image)
13. Removal of Blemishes
14. Adjust Brightness
15. Contrast Adjustment
16. Remove Vehicle Registration/Licence Plates (if necessary)
17. Lawn/Grass Enhancement (if necessary)
18. Removal of Pool Cleaners (from pool water)
19. Light Fireplaces (if applicable)


Input Details
Please provide the photograph in any format and a detailed brief or mark-up explaining the desired renovation project to be carried out.