Video Editing

Fast and affordable real estate video editing

Fast and efficient video editing! Use footage from your phone or professional camera


Mix up your regular social media posts with to captivate your audience.

Real Estate Agents

Generate more interest with an affordable alternative to video.

Real Estate Photographers

Boost productivity and save time by outsourcing your video editing to us.

Generate greater interest

Real Estate Video allows the viewer to quickly tour the home from anywhere in the world and get a true sense of space and feel for the layout of the home. A professionally edited Video not only enhances your property marketing campaign to generate greater buyer interest but also strengthens your personal and company branding which can increase future leads and new business

Save time and money

Our real estate video editing service saves you from the exhaustive post-production process by downloading your files from your video shoot and completing a three-step process to create a stunning real estate video.

Step 1. Sorting of video files to establish correct shot sequencing, merge, trim and remove unwanted clips to establish the real estate video of the required length.

Step 2. Stabilization is applied and elements such as music/sounds, creative titling, transitions, agent branding is applied to create a professional appearance and help convey the message to the viewer.

Step 3. A series of final improvements are completed including colour corrections/adjustments, sharpness, video upscaling, background noise removal, and sound enhancements.

The process


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Video Editing

  • Includes creative title, property address, agent branding, contact information and background music.
  • Use footagefrom your phone or professional cameras
  • <48 hour turn-around time
30 Seconds - $36 AUD60 Seconds - $54 AUD90 Seconds - $72 AUD120 Seconds - $84 AUD(All four Videos) - $120 AUD