Virtual Renovation

Bring your reno project to life

Visualise your completed reno project before you even pick-up the tools!

Commercial Tenants

Plan youroffice layout design before signing a lease.

Real Estate Agents

Showcase a property’s renovation potential to buyers

Home Renovation

See what your completed renovation design ideas will look like before you even start.

Showcase your design to win more clients’s Virtual Renovation service will help bring your project to life so that you can generate buyer or tenant interest prior to completion or visualise the complete renovation before investing time and effort into the project.

Visualise your project before invest time and money

If you are completing a renovation and need to advertise the property before it’s completed, then our virtual renovation service is the perfect solution. Show potential buyers and renters what the finished property will look like by the time they move in. Our virtual Renovation service can also assist with planning your renovation project as it allows you to see what the finished project will look like before you invest your time and money

The process


Create an order and prepare your design brief


Submit your files and design brief and our team will get to work


Virtual pool designs will be returned within 2-4 days depending on project size.


We’ve got nothing to hide! Our affordable prices make PropertyRender a great marketing partner for your business

Virtual Renovation

  • Includes one image showcasing your home renovation project in your photograph.
  • Utilise photos from your phone or professional camera.
  • Includes 20-step professional photo-editing.
  • 48-72 hour turn-around time.
The pricing for virtual renovations depends on the scope of work to be completed. Please refer to the Virtual Renovation Pricing Schedule to assist with calculating the cost of your Virtual Renovation